With three decades of trust, knowledge and experience in the logistics field, APS LLP has launched its innovative Edu-concept APS School of Logistics (APSSL). It is a sign of trust to the present logistics – education structure in the country. APSSL provides complete training, support and development for every phase of a professional career. Our development programs will help hundreds of logisticians in all levels of management and can increase their earning potential, strengthen their company’s supply chains, and improve their leadership skills.

APS School of Logistics offers industry’s most widespread and practical coverage of logistics topics that supply chain logistics professionals need to survive and thrive, including: courses, discussions, seminars, webinars and conferences. All these addresses the Indian and global perspectives of supply chain logistics.

The main objective of the course is to train a specialist for specific professions in logistics of transport, services, tourism, aviation and information management.

  • To visualize the bachelor and management level studies so that they enable the graduates to find work in managerial posts of various logistic companies, in companies dealing with logistic systems (transportation and forwarding), in institutions providing private and public services.
  • To extend language preparation focused on cultural, political and professional written and spoken communication to enable the graduates to find employment in international companies.
  • The common nucleus in the first academic year and widening choice of professional individualizing disciplines in the following academic years enables training of a specialist equipped with professional knowledge and skills necessary for accomplished achievements in various logistic systems.
  • To involve students in solving practical problems from the fields of transport and provision of services in both private and public sector and thereby help them develop their creative skills.