Alleppey Parcel Service (APS), established three decades ago, was founded by Veteran and mercurial impresario Mr. T.T. Kuruvilla after gaining thorough experience in working with international logistics and supply chain management companies.

The exposure and knowledge gained during his career abroad helped him to set up an Empire Building Endeavour APS, to be a leading player in transportation from the very beginning.

The important perfection for APS LLP was their incredible Goodwill they acquired from their relentless efforts to be innovative, to keep the promises and his quest for unmistakable perfection with assurance and sincerity.

APS LLP is today a greatly expanded entity with operations across a vast geographical landscape spearheaded by 250 branches.

The transport and logistics players with a difference from the day one of it’s operations. We have the distinction of bringing innovations and better service and delivery standards to the transportation business.

Over the years, we had improved significantly to shoulder bigger responsibilities and promptly support the delivery or supply chain management of assets and goods valuable to our customers.

We believe everything is precious for whoever needs that, nothing is worse than delaying a promise, not to mention delaying delivery of goods.

We take utmost care in processing and streamlining delivery and pick up assignments, tracking and being transparent to our valued customers, in helping them when they need deliver something out of the way.