“Discover self-belief, self-determination, new critical outlooks and expand your horizons away from your comfort zones.” T T Kuruvilla, Chairman, APS LLP

Sri. T T Kuruvila

Welcome to the Chairman’s page.

I am pleased to welcome you to APS School of Logistics. As the quintessence of higher education and remarkable career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways and flexible learning options, we are proud of the high-quality education and support services our great faculty and staff offer our students.

It’s a great time to be at APS School of Logistics.

At APSSL, we believe that learning and personal development is a life-long journey, a journey that needs constant encouragement, a steady passion and unquenchable desire for knowledge. Now, more than ever, APS School of Logistics recognizes its responsibility to go beyond the boundaries of the academic circles and be part of the society, the nation and the world. First, “APSSL with society” - that APSSL is loved by our country and our society; second, “APSSL with Delight” - that the members of APSSL have great delight in our institution and finally, “APSSL with World” – that APSSL renovates its promise to become a world-class university.

  • A school that all can take delight in!
  • A school that is loved by its society!
  • A school that leads the world!

With the students as our top priority, APSSL strives hard to provide our students with essential resources, a favorable studying environment and a quality teaching workforce. Fundamentally, we hope that our students are bright to develop the Life-Long Qualities of:

  1. Self-Reliance
  2. Confidence
  3. Vision
  4. Constant quest of excellence
  5. Dare to Dream

We are confident that the students of APSSL will be prepared to revitalize their career by promising the learning performance roadmaps to go beyond their own expectations and harness their own prospective.

We have sufficient resources to create an encouraging study environment for our students.

Student comes to APSSL with varied ambitions and dreams, preparing for their preferred profession, ongoing their education, or changing into a new job. Either pathway our students choose, our aim is to make sure that an APSSL education opens the entryway to immense opportunities.

At the same time, the school will carry on to nurture an energetic academic society by fostering superior ingenuity, integrated intelligence and global-mindedness in its students. We expect that our students will turn out to be “brand” world citizens, frequently renewing the confidence of our nation in APSSL and love of the world. It’s my gratification on behalf of the Board of Directors to cordially welcome you to this school. I invite you to know-how first-hand, why APSSL is considered a leader in logistic education.

You can forever be assured that APSSL is committed to fostering visionary professionals in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

I’m enchanted to be ingredient of this logistic institute. I’m pleased that you’re here too.

We wish every student of APS School of Logistics, success in their venture.

T T Kuruvilla
Founder & Chairman