The Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduate certificate program provides you with a solid grounding in important business skills, including project management, critical thinking and leadership. As a graduate or post graduate of this program, you will be prepared for a career as an analyst, manager or specialist in such departments as transportation, logistics, purchasing / procurement, warehousing and international trade. Graduates from APSSL are in great demand in both the private and the public sectors and have a worldwide reputation. They are renowned for their creativity and ability to solve complex problems, challenges that often lead them to work in complex and unpredictable professional environments and to assume leading roles in organisations across the world.

College of Invention and Concepts

The course provides a supportive and stimulating environment to study the theory and practice of creativity, innovation and invention. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning styles and preferences so as to consciously manage and enhance their creative thinking, in order to build the skills and confidence necessary for taking the creative lead in their future professional practice.

The emphasis is on 21st century social, political, and environmental opportunities and imperatives in science, technology and through reference to past innovations and inventions to gain insights into how ideas are developed, the environments conducive to creative thought and how uncertainty, ambiguity and failure contribute to new discoveries.

Attention will be paid to ethics, sustainability and resilience, intellectual property, open-access to knowledge, emerging and declining economies, communication and the entrepreneurial spirit.